Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Updates on Blogger

On My Family Blogger.... I have A Gene Simmons Military Tribute that you MUST watch, I have some pictures of some 4 and 4T girls clothes I am selling for CHEAP low prices!, Our floor plan ideas for our new house, My Memorial Day message, Why Walmart sucks! so stay in touch and catch up on all the blogs i may not have had a chance to post on Myspace ...

On my Creative Blogger. See what I made for my Fallen Hero's...

Are you keeping up with my Love Dare Blog? I am on Day 25. I have slacked off and gotten lazy but I am almost there! Sunday was the last day of Mustang Marriage and I have yet to post about THAT! It was awesome as usual.

Of course we stay busy preparing for William's arrival. I am now 29 weeks pregnant and I have just less than 10 weeks to go WOOHOO! I will be posting his 3D Ultrasound pictures once I get them today so don't miss checking back on my blog, reading about my baby shower and things are going to get busier the closer we get!
I've still be narley sick but I am hanging in there.
Here is how I keep people updated on what I am doing for William

Of course when I post a blog to Xanga it posts on my face book as well!
Don't forget myspace!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering what Memorial Day is for...

In memory of my old high school buddy Blake.

Legacy Page

Fallen Hero Page

A fallen hero from Calhoun GA. Alot of my friends know him and I may have met him a time or two.

Fallen Hero Page

Sgt Hasenflu was in my friends unit in Afghanistan. I was there with his wife when she got the call.

Fallen Hero Page

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help my Buddy Win
Go to her post and please post about it on your blog and then leave a comment on her blog and leave the link where you posted it so she can get the points to win! Each comment that has a link back to your post about this gives her 25pts! lets help her win this awesome scrapbox.
She really wants this so please everyone go DAILY to this link here : and click on number 258 and vote for her!!

* I stole this from Olenka's blog cause Crystal asked me too lol

To see Crystals Blog go here
To see Olenka's Blog go here
anddd if you want to see my scrapbooking (not much there :( ) and or my other creations

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby scrapbook tip

For babies' scrapbooks, include labels from their first bottle of formula, first jar of baby food and first box of cereal.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Two new Scrapbook Layouts for the challenge

I did blur out the name tags. I used an old name tag as an embellishment under the picture of Alex and I blurred out the name tags in the pictures. I did this by taking a picture of the page and blurring it out in PSP.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My new love...

So for all you scrapbookers I have an enabler alert for you. Have you seen the cheap quaility name brand stuff you can get from the likes of TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross? I mean its probably old news to you but its new to me and why didn't anyone share? LMAO. I got two premade scrapbooks for my daughter and her friend to just stick their pictures in for $5 each.... K and Company!!
So its not cheesy and its quality! WOOT

and what else I found lol
I loove these stores but so far my best luck came from Marshall's Why I have two Ross' Two TJ maxx' and Two Marshall's beyond me but hey... More opportunity for these deals.

Calvin Klein Snow Suit retails $44 and I got it for $5

Another Calvin Klein Special lol Pullover, Shirt and Jeans retails $56 & i got it for $7

Polo jogging suit retails for $30 and I got it for $7

DKNY Baby Romper retails for $20 I got it for $5

and this is just Carters but I love these type of outfits that have a matching blanket. I got this in NB size cause I am almost positive little man is going to be tiny like his big sister... So I will have to go back and get the bigger size...
Tag says $24 and I got it for $9.99 and Blanket was $17 and I got it for $6.99

I also got a Calvin Klein Romper I didn't get it out of his storage thing but it was like $5 or $7 (now I want to matching onesies lmao and bibs...)

Oh and this little button down that will look cute with Cords or Jeans with a sweater I bought him on Ebay from Children's place... Don't cha think its cute?
Another Carters Brand for $3.00

Oh yes and Olenka gave me the tip that Ross has Maternity Clothes. I got me an adorable pair of black capri's I can dress up with two blouses I bought. So something cute comfy and Casual I can buy a fancy pair of flip flops and wear to church or everyday... Thanks for the tipppp How did I neglect not shopping there for so long?

Unbelievable that these are all brand new, Name brand clothes cheaper than Children's Place, Wal-Mart and Target.... ALSO cheaper than even most Consigment sales and thrift stores lol....

So yesterday morning we headed out to find a yard sale but God decided to send us rain... so I thought about this one Thrift store or Consignment store that Betty and I happened upon a few months ago... Rick and I went to find it. BINGO its OPEN and I found some little Peter Rabbit Outfits, A Ralph Lauren Romper, Cute baby hats, and Another Blanket set like the doggy one I spent the same amount of money on the used as I did on the new!

People that know me know I don't shop at Walmart I refuse to spend a dime there. I went an over an entire year without shopping there. I stopped wanting to do business with Walmart in Feburary 08 due to their business practices and how they have directly effected the economy and MY life. So yesterday when we went to see this awesome consignment sale they weren't open for another hour but we had driven 25-30 miles. I said Rick lets go to Walmart and just WALK around. I don't want to spend money just walk around the store. I was a little curious as to see if they had any Peter Rabbit clothes like they used to as well. So we walked around Walmart and then we were bored after about 30 minutes and we both still felt confident that our family doesn't go there for business. The prices aren't that much cheaper than Target (I found the same outfit at Target even LOL) Rick and I just kinda laughed off the fact we weren't even tempted by them. Customer Service was rude as usual too.

Our TV's are breaking one right after another in our house so I kept pitching proposals to Rick about getting him his promised Homecoming Present he has wanted. I did the research. I called several techy people. I got a tip that his TV was going on Sale at Target... We grabbed a rain check when they ran out still unsure we wanted to spend that much money at this point... Its a good thing I finally talked him into at least paying for half because we got it for even a cheaper price than the sale price. He played being daddy to his TV while Skylar and I went and had some fun and registered for the few things I spied at Target that Babies R Us or anywhere else didn't carry. Plus with us being Army and all our friends and family spaced out world wide I don't know where they feel comfortable shopping so I have registered at Target, Sears, Babies R Us, and Burlington... Just do a search for my name or contact me for the info...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peridot project

I am going to be a big sister!

This was a big deal for me. I was thinking as I wrote the last journal for Peridot's scrapbook about this big event. I didn't mention it on that journal so maybe I should make it... its own page. However I had someone taking video not pictures as Skylar opened up her special basket from Santa.... Maybe I will find something that will do....

Description and background story on the page: Santa delivered a special basket to our door step late Christmas Eve... He knew it had to be super special for Skylar since a baby sister (or brother) had been Skylar's one wish for a very long time. It was hard to keep it a secret from her for the few weeks we had to keep it secret. Thats pretty much how the baby got its nickname Peridot because that way we could talk about Peridot without Skylar as easily catching on.. Rick however slipped up several times lol. Not to mention nosy people! I will have to dig through archives and see if I snapped one shot of the basket and maybe a picture of Skylar wearing her Big sister sweater which she got that day. Put it on Christmas paper...

Title.... I am going to be a big sister.


Mommy wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret for a little while but it didn't work out like that so adults slowly found out about you. I was determined to let it be a special Christmas Present for your sister however. She started the hunt to find Skylar I'm going to be a big sister stuff. I got a teddy bear, I had some special t-shirts made on, books, a bottle, and a game for a Nintendo DS. She had one of Santa's special elves prepare the basket for its special delivery. Santa rang the door bell on Christmas Eve and left the basket on our door step. Daddy called Skylar and I into the living room. We informed Skylar it must be for her. She dug through the basket and didn't really quite comprehend what that was all about. She spotted the game and we could barely pry it from her hands. We started to read what the shirts said and the books. She's all excited and says I am a big sister! We were like what does that mean? She didn't know the answer. We eventually got her to understand and boy what she said next was quite a surprise!

Journaling the Pregnancy with a Scrapbook.

My husband always encourages my scrapbooking adventures and tries to look the other way at the price tag. He's just lucky I don't have a cricut LOL. He tells me to let Crystal stick to the cricuting lol. He picked me up a book about scrapbooking starring your baby by Memory Makers. Boy was it an expensive book too.

I've started on a few simple pages for my pregnancy but I slack on Belly pics and such I guess due to alot of factors.

I am going to try and take some of these ideas out of this book and make it worth the price he paid for the book. I usually buy supplies per the demand but I recently entered a contest to make more scrapbook pages than I have in my entire life the catch is it has to be from my stash!

Let me start here and use my blog as a forum to journal my thoughts for future Scrapbook Layouts.

Decription of Layout: Positive EPT test.

Title: The Months ahead await us. *OR* The Months away us ahead...

Body: God gave us a blessing. Your Daddy and I pretty much thought we wouldn't have anymore children. Needless to say your big sisters proding for a baby eventually gave us a weak spot. Your daddy and I also had so much love for each other yet there was something missing. Daddy had to go away on a deployment for a long fifteen months and during this time we talked alot about the option of having just ONE more baby. He decided we could just leave it in God hands. Upon Daddies arrival back to the United States mommy prepared and counted days on the calendar. Preparing her body for what we could only hope what God could bless us with. We knew the time would have to be now. Daddy and Mommy weren't getting any younger. Skylar had started Kindergarten. Your brother's were definately much older.

Daddy came back home early in the month of October 2008. God blessed us quicker than we could ever dream. We found out we were pregnant after Mommy took a home pregnancy test on November 27th. YUP it was Thanksgiving. I took two more the next morning just to make sure the answer was right! It was Black Friday. A huge shopping day. December 2nd I made an appointment at the Fox Clinic on Redstone Aresnal and we got the results we have been waiting so impaitently for... indeed I was very pregnant. It was early but still very pregnant.

Mommy and Daddy were both nervous as we were with our first babies. Mommy knew what to do and knew she wanted to see you on Ultrasound as quickly as possible. She called Dr Conrad's office to schedule an appointment and they told me I would have to wait till December 22nd 2008 to see my new baby bean and to confirm the results. Thats the day we got the ultrasound too and saw you for the very first time up close and personal. Daddy was so excited to hear the heartbeat and see you. It made you finally very real in our picture of life. We would now have the next 8 months to prepare for your arrival. You are due August 11, 2009...

I am pregnant and dressed...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

friendship book

The Military Life has been a hard adjustment for Skylar at some points. Her bestest friend Cari and her have been friends since

they were babies. Literally a life long friendship. We moved away from Cari and her family in order to join the Military

lifestyle. We visit as often as we can and keep in touch. Skylar's first friend to show her the ropes was her future "husband"

Nic... Eventually like all Military Families Nic's time was up here and they had to move to their next duty station. Many of her

playmates and friends have moved away in the two years we have joined the Military family. Mikayla, Molly, Colin, John Robert,

Genesis, Kayla, Kendra, Dezaray, and Phoebe... and neighbors. Skylar was blessed to be a social butterfly and has no problems

making friends but she does't forget the ones that moved on. She recently she asked to move to Colorado because Colin moved there.

She doesn't realize it yet but her close friend Nicole will have to go to their next duty station. So as a surprise to both girls

I am going to make a small scrapbook for them to hold on to with pictures of them together.

Today I started the project. I made three folders. One for each book I plan on making. I started copying and pasting the many

pictures from all my different files. I had started with close to 850 pictures. My goal was to get each friend down to 30 each or

less. So I went through and deleted the ones I had doubles of due to resizing and editing. I deleted the ones that just were to

blurry to actually risk printing. It was actually quite a few due to lighting of the Youth Center and Ballet School. Many other

places and my husband probably didn't take a lot of time to consider the quality of pictures the camera would take haha. Then I

went through every two or three pictures and decided which one I liked best because there was such a similarity (Skylar and Rick

helped.) Finally each friend is under 30 photos!! YAY. So now I have to jump on task and make these books. I plan on making one

for each friend and one for Skylar to hold on to too. So she won't forget the friends that helped her during such a big life


I am tickled that I tackled and I am looking forward to such a cool project. I have less than two months to complete the first 2