Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Updates on Blogger

On My Family Blogger.... I have A Gene Simmons Military Tribute that you MUST watch, I have some pictures of some 4 and 4T girls clothes I am selling for CHEAP low prices!, Our floor plan ideas for our new house, My Memorial Day message, Why Walmart sucks! so stay in touch and catch up on all the blogs i may not have had a chance to post on Myspace ...

On my Creative Blogger. See what I made for my Fallen Hero's...

Are you keeping up with my Love Dare Blog? I am on Day 25. I have slacked off and gotten lazy but I am almost there! Sunday was the last day of Mustang Marriage and I have yet to post about THAT! It was awesome as usual.

Of course we stay busy preparing for William's arrival. I am now 29 weeks pregnant and I have just less than 10 weeks to go WOOHOO! I will be posting his 3D Ultrasound pictures once I get them today so don't miss checking back on my blog, reading about my baby shower and things are going to get busier the closer we get!
I've still be narley sick but I am hanging in there.
Here is how I keep people updated on what I am doing for William

Of course when I post a blog to Xanga it posts on my face book as well!
Don't forget myspace!

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