Prices for Graphic Services

1. A Simple Siggy (with Doodle, Graphic, Etc) $1-$2
2. A Signature Tag (Using pictures, graphics, Digital Scrapbook Materials) $5-$8 *Depending on the materials you want.
3. Watermarking. Need your photos water marked $1-$2 Price May vary depending on how many, ask for a quote
4. Blog Header $8 *
5. Blog Header and Background $10
6. Etsy Banner $10 or ask for a quote
7. Custom Printables (I make you print) This would be for a picture, Birth Announcement, Invitation, or Greeting Card... etc This is done by Quote only
8. Logo's Ask for a quote
9. Desktop Wallpaper $12 or ask for a quote *
10. Blog Set (Including Blog Header, Siggy, Background and possibly a button.) $12 *
** Anything with a star means Supply fee's are extra. I do not make the graphics or scrapbook materials myself.