Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Journaling the Pregnancy with a Scrapbook.

My husband always encourages my scrapbooking adventures and tries to look the other way at the price tag. He's just lucky I don't have a cricut LOL. He tells me to let Crystal stick to the cricuting lol. He picked me up a book about scrapbooking starring your baby by Memory Makers. Boy was it an expensive book too.

I've started on a few simple pages for my pregnancy but I slack on Belly pics and such I guess due to alot of factors.

I am going to try and take some of these ideas out of this book and make it worth the price he paid for the book. I usually buy supplies per the demand but I recently entered a contest to make more scrapbook pages than I have in my entire life the catch is it has to be from my stash!

Let me start here and use my blog as a forum to journal my thoughts for future Scrapbook Layouts.

Decription of Layout: Positive EPT test.

Title: The Months ahead await us. *OR* The Months away us ahead...

Body: God gave us a blessing. Your Daddy and I pretty much thought we wouldn't have anymore children. Needless to say your big sisters proding for a baby eventually gave us a weak spot. Your daddy and I also had so much love for each other yet there was something missing. Daddy had to go away on a deployment for a long fifteen months and during this time we talked alot about the option of having just ONE more baby. He decided we could just leave it in God hands. Upon Daddies arrival back to the United States mommy prepared and counted days on the calendar. Preparing her body for what we could only hope what God could bless us with. We knew the time would have to be now. Daddy and Mommy weren't getting any younger. Skylar had started Kindergarten. Your brother's were definately much older.

Daddy came back home early in the month of October 2008. God blessed us quicker than we could ever dream. We found out we were pregnant after Mommy took a home pregnancy test on November 27th. YUP it was Thanksgiving. I took two more the next morning just to make sure the answer was right! It was Black Friday. A huge shopping day. December 2nd I made an appointment at the Fox Clinic on Redstone Aresnal and we got the results we have been waiting so impaitently for... indeed I was very pregnant. It was early but still very pregnant.

Mommy and Daddy were both nervous as we were with our first babies. Mommy knew what to do and knew she wanted to see you on Ultrasound as quickly as possible. She called Dr Conrad's office to schedule an appointment and they told me I would have to wait till December 22nd 2008 to see my new baby bean and to confirm the results. Thats the day we got the ultrasound too and saw you for the very first time up close and personal. Daddy was so excited to hear the heartbeat and see you. It made you finally very real in our picture of life. We would now have the next 8 months to prepare for your arrival. You are due August 11, 2009...

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I cannot wait to see the finished project!