Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am going to be a big sister!

This was a big deal for me. I was thinking as I wrote the last journal for Peridot's scrapbook about this big event. I didn't mention it on that journal so maybe I should make it... its own page. However I had someone taking video not pictures as Skylar opened up her special basket from Santa.... Maybe I will find something that will do....

Description and background story on the page: Santa delivered a special basket to our door step late Christmas Eve... He knew it had to be super special for Skylar since a baby sister (or brother) had been Skylar's one wish for a very long time. It was hard to keep it a secret from her for the few weeks we had to keep it secret. Thats pretty much how the baby got its nickname Peridot because that way we could talk about Peridot without Skylar as easily catching on.. Rick however slipped up several times lol. Not to mention nosy people! I will have to dig through archives and see if I snapped one shot of the basket and maybe a picture of Skylar wearing her Big sister sweater which she got that day. Put it on Christmas paper...

Title.... I am going to be a big sister.


Mommy wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret for a little while but it didn't work out like that so adults slowly found out about you. I was determined to let it be a special Christmas Present for your sister however. She started the hunt to find Skylar I'm going to be a big sister stuff. I got a teddy bear, I had some special t-shirts made on, books, a bottle, and a game for a Nintendo DS. She had one of Santa's special elves prepare the basket for its special delivery. Santa rang the door bell on Christmas Eve and left the basket on our door step. Daddy called Skylar and I into the living room. We informed Skylar it must be for her. She dug through the basket and didn't really quite comprehend what that was all about. She spotted the game and we could barely pry it from her hands. We started to read what the shirts said and the books. She's all excited and says I am a big sister! We were like what does that mean? She didn't know the answer. We eventually got her to understand and boy what she said next was quite a surprise!

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