Friday, April 8, 2011

StormyAries Creations or Army Wife Designs...

Hey Ya'll I may be morphing! I learned how to make simple things using Paint Shop Pro over 10 years ago. Over time I have gotten more and more into it. The more my family grows the more my priorities change and I loose interest in Graphics for awhile but I do it on demand... based on when I need something or inspiration tickles me... Like Scrapbooking. I guess I have Hobby ADD.. I don't stay with one and get intense with it for one reason or another. My friend over at Steph's Designs needed a new blog header/ Etsy Banner/ and of course while I was digging around in there I made her a bunch of other stuff too! She's been really pushing me and encouraging me to do this for real.. like a small business venture? Dare I? I HAVE been doing it for ten years.. mostly free to my friends etc and as gifts. I worry about the Graphix police and copyright infringement when working with companies for a new design. So I try my best to do it based on my knowledge of what that particular Terms of Service is. I don't want them or I to get into trouble. Especially them... that would be embarrassing! I know of a few people that do it. The beautiful Masto Mama & some forums Chubby Cheeks Graphix : Crumb Snatchers : VIP Signatures too... Like I said I have been doing this for ten years the good, the bad, the ugly and ohmigoodness there were some ugly ones in the times of the unexperienced or uninspired me.
Here is my Gallery or Portfolio... whatever you want to call it... Here. Look to the right for the sub menu's...
I have a design blog already in place here... StormyAries Creations. I put in there my scrapbook creations, my PSP and Graphic creations, and anything else I may create. I may start there and move to grander scale once I figure this all that... I am considering Army Knights Lady Designs as a future part time business if it goes well. Of course its a hobby and always will be a hobby I can share... but what's a few extra dollars in my Paypal account? LOL

I am thinking the price menu may go like this

Simple Siggy with a doodle, simple graphic etc small in size $1 - $2

I do not make the graphic normally (I might have to learn how) it is borrowed or bought!

A Graphic Siggy (for blogs, websites, forums, email) using Pictures or digital scrapbook parts. May or may not contain these but is more complex and may or may not be animated $5- $8

Extra's might be because of the price of the scrap kit etc
Need your photos watermarked? Ask for a quote
Blog Banner or Layout: I haven't made buttons yet... but I will try soon! So a complete Blog Banner, Back Ground, Button and Siggy is $12 again price could go up depending on if the graphics you want cost me anything. Just the Blog Banner and background $10, Blog Banner by its self is $8

Etsy banner ask for a quote 

Custom printables (I make you print!) ask for a quote... This would be for a picture, Birth Announcement, Invitation, or Greeting Card... etc

Logo Design  ask for a quote

Sorry I don't make blinkies yet. I have tried for years and I haven't mastered it... or even close.
Any questions just ask.. Oh yeah and feedback would be great too. Tell me do you think I am worth it?


Stephanie said...

I think it all looks great!!!!

I think the name is wonderful too!!!!

I honestly would not change a thing, but when you decide to make an OFFICIAL announcement, then I would make sure you create new post for it!!!!!!

What a wonderful Idea and your prices are really great!!!!!

TrailerHood Chic said...

I have given you the Kreative Blogger award.