Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scrapin Sunday


I haven't scrapped (with my two hands and paper) in over a year. I have done some digital work but none the traditional way. I don't know why I guess I feel like my work isn't good enough because I can't put the money into it everyone else does. I can't justify buying the cricut everyone else has and I ask people to make me some die's but they never come through. So I just don't even bother touching my scrap book stuff. But why? I have my big project planned but have no motivation to do it. Its time to start developing pictures, going to crops and do this thing! I at least at the very least need to invest some time into digital scrapping. I can't let these millions of pictures sit around for nothing. Its so frustrating! Time to get cracking! Maybe someone will get a scrapbook project for a Christmas gift!

Scrapbooking and Creative To-Do List

  1. I got my plan for a creative gift for family and friends and its 99% complete. I am so excited about it. I try to do something creative every year. Last year I made a popcorn care package with a movie or netflix gift certificate. Two pop corn cups, a bag of popcorn and candy. This year is something similar but useful... always useful and versitle.
  2. Scrapbooking gift
  3. Post this months tuts and creations
Scrapbooking and Creative Ta-Da List

  • Skylar's time line and Hobbies (Ballet, Soccer, School, Girl Scouts, and more.) & Her Ballet book.
  • Once Upon a Time books
  • Story Book Pages
  • Army Greeting Cards? Maybe on EBAY?
  • Dora Paperbag Book
  • Baby Book Scrapbook and William's first year
  • Skylar & Her Friendship books
  • How We Met
  • Strawberry Shortcake Page
  • Rick's Army Scrapbook
  • Transparent Picture Christmas Ornaments
  • Painted Christmas Ornaments
    Household Ta Da List
  • Appointments for the cats and hopefully come up with a solution for Peanut
  • Rearrange my consultation on Tuesday
  • Plan Christmas pictures. Find a way to take the kids pictures for Christmas cards. Everywhere takes too long to get them back.
  • Decorate for the Holidays.
  • Skylar has girl scouts on Tuesday I think.
  • Blog More!

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