Friday, June 13, 2008

Just an update on my projects

Yeah work has been slow cause I am busy. The CTMH thing is not successful yet. *sigh* it really brings me down. Once Upon a Time project, I don't know if I mentioned before but I have written a little book. I am going to print out my story on vellum paper and scrapbook it over the Once upon a time paper (since its really too pretty to hide). Thats at a stand still since I am still gathering supplies and I am out of GLUE DOTS. Yeah I went to Michaels and they have something different there and Target had the tape like thing. I just want to stick with my glue dots!
I bought some of Marah Johnson's Paper that is also a Love theme but its a gothic love not a Storybook love so I might blend it or do something with it. Hard to say.
Here Blog is Here
Here Blog is Here
You can find her products here and on Ebay
Other than my new stuff which I have gotten more than that and will post as I can. I also got some card kits but err those will take glue dots. I finished up some ballet books well actually just one *grins*

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