Friday, June 1, 2007

About the Army Knight and His Lady Book

I am going to create either a book about how we came to be along with all the emails and such and include in it the wedding things or make seperate books. In the Simple Scrapbooks May/June 2007 Issue. They have tips on creating a Wedding Album So I thought I would answer if I can some of the Questions here so I have them on file...
"The Proposal"
*How did you Meet? We met through Yahoo 360 Late 2006. Then Myspace... Then IM and Email. He would read my blogs and I would read his. He was stationed in Korea and I was here in the states. Specifically Georgia. In January we decided to go ahead and meet. He had gotten PCS'd to Alabama and was just 4 hours away. He met me at my sisters house. Not under the best circumstances but when in my life did I have opportune cirumstances. Its all in the way you look at it.
*What did you think of each other at First? He will have to answer his but I think we already knew but were thinking "safe" and avoiding anything that would make us do irrational things. Even though we coresponded through the net for over a year I still had thoughts typical of a first blind date.
*When did you first talk about getting married? Seriously or half jokingly. I don't think I know to this day if he was joking when he first asked me or why he would be crazy enough. I think it was the late end of the Month of January toward Early Feburary 2007.
*How did he (or you) Propose? Again is this the half jokingly proposal I got? LOL through IM! There was no real formal proposal if I remember correctly :x
*Was the prosal a surprise or anticipated? A little of both when we seriously started talking about getting married
*Did you say yes right away? NO lol
*How long was your engagement and why? After my first marriage ended so horribly I promised myself I would know for sure that I was marrying a soul mate, That I had no doubts in my mind other than the Definate feeling this is what I wanted. We also wanted to prepare for his deployment that might or might have not happened... Do it before his son left for boot camp, and to take care of Skylar and My needs. Our Engagement was very short I planned the wedding in a week and did quite well on that type of notice lol except no guests :x oh well
*Did your spouse as your parents for your hand in a traditional way? No and we knew we wouldn't get the blessing really.
*How was the ring selected? I knew what I was looking for and thats what I sought out.
*Describe the Ring. 10 Ct Gold Band Comfort Fit similar to my first one I had when I got married the first time.. Taboo or not its what I love.

"The Details"
*Who helped you pull your wedding plans together? My closest friends Olenka and Kristin, And of course Rick.
*Where there any fights about wedding plans? No not really
*What were you most worried about? Budget and freezing to death lol
*What things did you let the groom decide? He picked out my dress and shoes, His Army Dress Uniform...He had say in everything really he wanted to do it right.
*How did you choose your flowers? The military florist helped talk us through it.
*How did you choose your cake? N/A saving it for the big wedding
*Did you have a theme or colors? Red
*How many invitations did you send out? N/A We lived with out guests lol Saving it also for the big wedding
*Why did you choose your dress? Rick chose it
*Where were the bridesmaids dresses purchased? N/A
*What did you serve at the reception? Logans Steakhouse
*Did you rely on any wedding magazines or websites to inspire your wedding style? Yes and No. I looked at some sites and pictures in magazines and other resources but mainly dreams I have gathered over time.

"Pre-Wedding Events"
*How many showers did you have? N/A
*Who hosted your showers? N/A
*Did you follow any traditions at your showers? N/A
*What kind Of Games did you play?
*Did you recieve any special gifts at your showers?
*What advice did yo urecieve before your wedding? No advice just lots of support from those I love the most.
*Did your fiancee have a bachelor party? Not really he took the boys out for a day
*Did you have a bachelorette party?
*Did your rehearsal Go smoothly? Yes
*Where was the rehearsal Dinner? Logans

"The Big Day"
*What time did you wake up? Probably 5 am
*Who helped you get ready and where? The Hairstylest did my hair at her shop and I did the rest at home.
*When did the festivites begin and End? 7 o'clock
*Where there any readings or music selections at the ceremony? The preacher was suppose to say a meaningful bible verse
*Do you remember the first time you saw your fiancee that day? Yes when we woke up :x a little untraditional
*What do you remember of the toasts or speeches people made? N/A
*Were there any disasters? None we noticed at the time but the preacher forgot the vows.
*Did you honor a special tradition or person? I said a prayer for Mackenzie
*Were there any humorous or awkward moments at the wedding or reception? James had a hole in his pants, It was freezing cold, The vows hmmm I think thats it
*How did you make your exit from ther ceremony? N/A
*How did your wedding turn out different from what you expected? The vows
*Would you change anything if you had to do it over? Probably The Vows, The Boys clothes at least James' pants lol, My dress perhaps something more formal if I could have, Probably my hair, More guests would have been nice

"Wedding Party and Guests"
*Who was the oldest person at the Ceremony? Alex
* Who was the youngest person? Skylar
* who traveled the farthest to attend your wedding? N/A
*Who were your flower girls and ring bearers? Skylar
*Who were your bridesmaids? N/A
*Who were your Groomsman? Alex and James
*Were there any special guests or surprises with the guest list? No
*Which guests were you most grateful to have their? All (Our Kids)
*Who's Presence did you feel the absence of? Mackenzie, My sisters, My mom, My friends, Beth and her husband, Tess...
*How many guests attended your wedding? 3

"Happily Ever After"
*Who planned your honeymoon? I will probably still in the works
*Where did you travel for your Honeymoon?
*How long were you gone?
*What do you remember most from your honeymoon?
*What mode of transportation did you take?
**How much did your honeymoon Cost?
*where you returned from your honeymoon, Where did you call home? Redstone Aresnal
*How much was your rent or house payment? Army Post Housing is free :)
*What jobs or careers did you or your new spouse pursue as newlyweds? He is Army Soldier and I am his wife,
*How did you prepare for your marriage, not just your wedding? Love, Passion, Trust

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